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With an unparalleled ability to develop insightful strategies that maximize productivity and efficiency while maintaining access to cutting-edge industry information, Lion’s Share Business Management Consulting represents an essential component of your business’s operational protocol.


We Have What Your Business Needs

Lion’s Share Management Consulting is more than just your run-of-the-mill consultation service. Currently, thousands of inexperienced management consulting firms are poorly addressing the needs of business owners, CEOs, executives, portfolio managers and business attorneys who are desperate to find a superior, dependable consulting agency.

Lion’s Share is that one in a million management consulting firm businesses are searching for. We offer a unique understanding of market conditions, consumer trends and economic forecasts that not only contribute to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our clients’ businesses but also promotes branding strategies that attract and retain customers without overreaching an established budget.


What Lion’s Share Business Management Consulting Will Do For Your Business:

• Leverage their expertise and forward-thinking skills to make crucial decisions that ensure progress is continual and the competition is dominated by your success.

• Develop innovative and goal-oriented solutions that specifically address the needs of your business.

• Offer highly responsive, long-term, cost-effective assistance for businesses that aspire to streamline daily operations, increase revenue and discover new technologies capable of taking their business to a whole new level.

• Dispense specialized Interim CFO and Private Equity Consulting services that are acclaimed in the management consultant industry as being the most practical and compelling available.

• Cultivate and implement cutting-edge marketing strategies that minimize the risk of suffering setbacks or losses.

• Prepare your business for solid, lasting success by providing Lion’s Share consultants who are seasoned professionals in business management fields such as Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Accounting, Private Equity Consulting, Human Resources, Compliance, Operations, Employee Benefits, and Mergers & Acquisitions.


Who is Lion’s Share Management Consulting, LLC?

Co-founder and Principal Partner Jeffrey Krisciunas is responsible for the daily operations of Lion’s Share Management Consulting and has nearly 20 years’ experience in profit maximization, strategic planning, finance, operational management and systems implementation.

A former Chief Financial Officer for Merit Industries, Inc., a global producer of video electronic technology, Mr. Krisciunas is also the former Chairperson for the Four Diamonds Advisory Board, a large charitable organization supporting the elimination of childhood cancer.

Co-founder and Managing Partner Wayne Voltz is responsible for strategic and operational oversight at Lion’s Share Management Consulting. Previously employed at Xerox, Hewlett Packard, and Towers Watson, Mr. Voltz has also worked as a consultant for various Fortune 500 companies including International Paper, Unilever, Union Pacific Railroad, and Major League Baseball.

With expertise in Risk Management, Process Implementation, Executive Compensation, Employee Benefits and Business Outsourcing, Mr. Voltz also excels in overseeing significant process improvements and has successfully developed program implementations for multi-national corporations.


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Don’t let the competition take advantage of your company’s problems. To us, problems that prevent a business from flourishing are temporary, resolvable and part of the challenge that makes management consulting fascinating and rewarding.

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